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Welcome Home to Serenity Adult Family Home Care

Nestled in a wonderful place in Mountlake Terrace, Washington, Serenity Adult Family Home Care offers a loving home to elderly individuals who experience difficulties in living independently at home or in the community. We understand how old age can negatively impact the day-to-day life of an individual. It is why we strive to meet every senior’s needs as we deliver comprehensive, patient-centered care to help them achieve optimum wellness and safety. 


Serenity Adult Family Home Care offers residential senior care. The facility is a great choice for individuals who desire to live in a residential setting and require a little extra help. It is located near numerous local amenities, including houses of worship, retail stores, and healthcare services. There are numerous churches within four (4) miles, including St. Pius X Church, Church of Jesus Christ of LDS, Forty-Fourth Ave. Baptist Church, and Cornerstone Community Church. There are multiple pharmacies within one (1) mile of the community. They’re also located only 1.31 miles from Swedish Edmonds Hospital.


At Serenity Adult Family Home Care, we do not only focus on keeping our residents healthy; we also make sure to make them feel happy and independent as much as possible. Our family-like treatment to our residents makes our mission and vision possible. We believe that when you treat someone like your own family, the best outcomes happen. We make sure to shower them with love, care, compassion, and patience – and that’s what we do here at Serenity every day.

Why choose us?

Our uniqueness is proprietary; although, we do put ourselves a star above most homes.
Our quaint little cul-de-sac gives us that off the main drag feel.
We do specialize in Philippine home cooking from time to time. If you like lumpia shanghai and pork or beef adobo, you will love Ming’s Filipino-style cooking.
We do specialize in ECS and SBS residence. We assure you that at Serenity, there is a fit for everyone.

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Our Founders' Bio

Esmenia (Ming) and Leland Schmidt have been in the adult care business since they were married. For over 12 years of marriage, as owners of the company, Ming and Leland have been operating Serenity Adult Family Home Care with passion and dedication to serving others.


Ming was a healthcare worker and mid-wife, who was able to deliver over 89 babies. Ming sees to it that she delivers direct care and administration to her patients with excellence. She has an Associate’s Degree in Human Resource. Additionally, she was also an HR Representative in her town for 17 years and helped maintain and run her parents’ small farm in the Philippines.


Leland is a Boeing retired veteran of 34 years. He has years of experience in inspecting airplanes, teaching, coaching, and helping his teammates in quality manufacturing. Leland has been a life learner earning his Associates Degree in Business Science later in life graduating in 2018.


Ming and Leland are both licensed CNAs who continuously learn and educate themselves to be able to serve the community better. Their top priority is their residents, and they pride themselves on first-rate care. Everyone feels serenity within the home they created for their residents because they treat each of them as a family and team members.