Our Services at Serenity Adult Family Home Care

Serenity Adult Family Home Care has home-like amenities that uphold a peaceful and happy lifestyle that our residents can enjoy. We have a vibrant environment and cozy rooms that encourage our residents to stay active and engaged with different activities. Our amenities are designed and engineered to make our residents feel comfortable and safe within our expert care. Our amenities are one of the factors that make us proud. We make sure to offer state-of-the-art amenities that do not only promote the wellness of our residents but also nurture their talents, skills, and abilities in performing tasks on their own, making decisions, and doing their hobbies. We guarantee that each of our residents receives the highest quality of care possible that they deserve. We also see to it that they stay safe and happy within our facility as we take care of them with the utmost respect, honor, and love.


We are composed of licensed and skilled care professionals who have experience in providing care to the elderly. They are insured and bonded to deliver quality care that meets the highest standards in the industry. They are dedicated and motivated to improve the quality of life of each resident under our care. All our staff members strive to maintain the dignity of our residents by rendering services with heartfelt love, honor, and respect. It is our duty and responsibility to promote the overall well-being of our residents while keeping them safe and comfortable at our home. Hence, we create personalized care plans for each of our clients through careful assessments of their condition and asking and listening to the family members’ inputs. 


  • Spotless clean is an understatement of what we do. At SERENITY, we always see to it that every nook and cranny is cleaned, dusted, wiped, and mopped to prevent accidents and injuries. Besides, a well-maintained living environment greatly contributes to the improvement of one’s health and boost of mood. We arrange clutter, do the laundry, and perform other housekeeping tasks to maintain our residents’ safety within the facility. Rest assured that with us, each resident is well-taken care of.


  • Elderly individuals with certain health conditions that affect their mobility and communication skills require specific therapy. At SERENITY, we offer a wide range of therapy services to help them restore, maintain, and/or improve their independence and confidence. Seasoned experts deliver therapy services to our residents. They are dedicated to ensuring a quick and effective rehabilitation process to help get them back on their feet again.

Dementia Care

  • Caring for individuals with cognitive disorders, like dementia, can be exhausting. Let us do the job for you. At SERENITY, we have safe and secure facilities that will help prevent your elderly loved ones from wandering, wounding, and getting lost. There will be a designated carer for each resident with dementia and the likes. They are trained to handle difficult situations with patience and compassion. They also ensure that the health of our residents is well maintained by providing intensive monitoring and supervision.

Mental Health

  • One of the best ways to uphold one’s mental health is by being physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually active. That is why we at SERENITY ADULT FAMILY HOME CARE conduct various activities within our facility to nurture the mental wellness of our residents while ensuring their safety and satisfaction throughout. These activities may include exercises to strengthen their bones and muscles, game nights to promote healthy social life and cognitive boost, and more. Not only will these activities enhance their overall health and wellness, but these will also make them feel happy and valued.

Hospice Care

  • This stage of life is the most tiring, saddening part of the lives of the elderly individuals with terminal illness and their family members. Each one of them needs to get all the care and support they can get in order to cope with the situation and manage their condition. SERENITY has a team of hospice care providers who cares for those in their last leg of life. Throughout their remaining moments, our hospice carers will strive to make them feel as comfortable as possible. They also coordinate with healthcare providers to ensure quality services throughout. Crucial support services and resources will also be provided to the family.

ECS, SBS, MDA and Meaningful Day Qualified

  • Our ECS (essential community supports) and SBS (specialized behavior support) service is aimed to enable individuals and families to get the care and support they need. Careful assessments, person-centered planning, support, and coordination, extensive monitoring and coordination, and resources are provided as deemed necessary for their improved healing, recovery, and rehabilitation.
  • At SERENITY ADULT FAMILY HOME CARE, we strive to provide our residents access to the levels of care and services they need and deserve in order to lead a happy, healthy, and active lives. Hence, we accept waivers, such as residential services waivers (RSW). This way, our residents are able to receive quality care without much financial burden and hassle.
  • Meaningful Day provides a person-centered approach to designing and delivering meaningful activities for eligible DSHS clients. Providers participating will utilize tools and approaches to assist clients to manage behaviors that pose a barrier to successful community living. 

Nutritional Meals

  • The perfect definition of good food is the one that tastes and looks yummy but also meets one’s nutritional needs. SERENITY has highly-skilled professionals when it comes to planning and preparing meals that are healthy for our residents. Aside from ensuring that each meal contains the essential nutrients needed for their body, we also see to it that it tastes really good, so finicky residents will love eating. We work closely with a dietitian to plan and prepare meals that are only fitting for their condition and situation.


  • Medical appointments, like routine checkups, vaccination, and medicine modification, are inevitable with old age, especially when one experiences illnesses and disabilities. However, going to and from destinations can be a hassle and a risk to the aging population. So we at SERENITY ADULT FAMILY HOME CARE offer transportation services to keep our residents safe and comfortable during the ride. There will be a designated care professional who will stay by their side to immediately attend to their needs and ensure their safety and comfort while traveling.
  •  We have a mobility van available for your transportation needs. Our mobility van is equipped with essential tools to give you a lift to the hospital, doctor’s appointments, and when you want to get out and enjoy the park or local store or restaurant. Our mobility van will ensure your comfort and convenience, making sure that you attend to your appointments and other events on time and without hassle. Whether you have a disability that requires you to use a wheelchair, crutch, and other mobility devices, our van is state-of-the-art and can cater to your transportation needs swiftly and excellently.
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